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The Earth does not belong to us. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Jun 2007|12:06am]
hi. my life is better.
i have a boyfriend. his name is mike and he's 22. even though he's getting on my nerves as of late, i really like him a lotttttttt.

it's been a month and i'm glad he's making my summer pretty awesome.

other than mike, my life consists of sleeping, and working, and volleyball, and partying.

that's all!

i'm transfering to stockton next year.


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very bored [14 May 2007|10:54pm]
i was supposed to go hang out with paige tonight but she ditched me and iddin't make any other plans nor didn't feel like calling anyone so i turned my phone off and now i regret it.

1. Spell your last name backwards: noraa

2. Story behind your first name: well, first it was supposed to be Joseph because my parents wanted a boy. then, it was supposed to be layla from the eric lapton song but me dad didn't like. so my aunt had this boyfriend that had a sister named Shay so my parents liked that. also, my dad saw a girl in a penthouse magazine named shay and my parents just fell in love. it's also really irish and means fairy princess so yeah. sums it up.

3. When’s your birthday? April 5

4. Where do you live? south jerzzz


5. Wallet: very, very dirty. a lot of cards orange and blue plaid with a cool brown button on the top. it's soft and it's a fossil.

6. Eyes: brown eyed girl.

7. Toothbrush: it cleans my teeth?

8. Jewelry worn daily: 2 earing holes in each ear vary but i always have my center of my right ear pierced and also a blong on my cartilege, i have my surfing type bracelet on, and my save darfur bracelet, and my "cancer sucks" bracelet, and 2 toe rings

9. Cell Phone: a brand new samsung, it's big and flat and sexy and black

10. Pillow cover right now: pink with flowerssssss love it

11. Car: ford taurus it's like an old lady car but i love it.

12. Bedroom: crazy and cramped bc i have all my college stuff that i still haven't unpacked.

13. Sunglasses: 10 dollar ones from charlotte russe stunnnna shades

15. Cologne/Perfume: i love lucky brand

16. CD in stereo right now: hahaha cds .but actually it's jock jams

17. Piercing: 2 in each ear, cartelege, and center of ear

18. What you are wearing now? hoeys vball hoodie, and los blue jeans

19. Wishing: that i had something to do tonight...even though now i'm tired

20. Wanting: that guy i work with mmmmm

21. What are you doing after this? taking the trash out and getting a drink

22. If you could get away with it and murder anyone who would it be: hahahahah. no comment. a female that i know

23. Person you wish you could see right now: theres a lot! ALL my friends from school and all my friends that are still at school, and all my friends that just got home fro mschool that i haven't seen yet

24. Some of your favourite movies: super troopers, borat, forest gump those are the first three i just thought of

25. Something you're looking forward to in the coming week: in the coming week? phillies tomorrow!, seeing hot guy at work

26. Something you just ate: nothing recently

27. Something you are deathly afraid of? humiliation

28. Do you like candles: sure

29. Do you like incense: yeah

30. Do you like the taste of blood? ew?

31. Do you believe in love? Yes

32. Do you believe in love at first sight? no thats why they say you have to fall in love

34. Do you believe in Heaven: not sure i hope there is

35. Do you believe in God: in a way, yes
39. Can you eat with chopsticks: kind of

40. What's your favorite coin: i'm looking for a dimeeeeeee that's top of the line, cute face little waist with a big behind. no truth be told, i like every coin except nickels.

41. What are some of your favorite candies: reese's, snickers!, and m&m's.

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[01 May 2007|10:02am]
wow i haven't updated since february.

well everything WAS going great until my life just recently went in the shitter.

my love life sucks. boys at school are still super lame.
home guy is hooking up with an ugly man. like seriously do you have any standards? like i understand that when we're at school all bets are off but ... she's not even like a cute man. SHES AN UGLY MAN

according to my friends i'm better than him so that's how i'm looking at it and i'm finding someone new for summer.

now that i look at it though we were together for about 9 months. that's like the longest relationship i've ever been in. even though it was an open relationship...it was still long for me. but i've been dealing with his bullshit for 9 months. HA. wow young love. i'm dumb

i went to see brand new last week and i saw BILLLLLLL and ZACHHHHH. they rule. the concert was incredible. even though they played EVERYTHING from the new cd it was still shawesome.
i really wanted them to play soco but zach says jesse doesn't play it anymore bc it doesn't apply to him.

speaking of that... i'm 19 now and it's not different.

i still don't know what i'm doing about school enxt year and it's may 1st.

my cousin asked me to be in her wedding. SO EXXXXXXXCITED.

okay that's all.
seriously my life needs to take a turn for the good asap.

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bois [26 Feb 2007|08:12pm]
once again writing in this to vent.
I was having the best time of my life a short while ago, but not so much anymore.

Basically boys are my drama right now. It's funny, because they aren't supposed to start drama.

Boy 1- Troy
So a month ago, someone started a rumor that I was telling everyone that I had sex with you. and you messaged me and were like um we didn't so stop telling people we did. Alright first of all, I think i would have known if there was a penis in my vagina. Second of all, you're on the basketball team. you of all people should know that when people say shit it's not true. In the end, this you turned out okay. We're friends now. Maybe something else will happen though because you are a good kisser.

Boy 2-Greg
This is where I suck. Because you liked me, and I didn't like you. You were too nice for me, and now that I need it, you are back with your girlfriend. GAY. and now it's weird. I'm glad we're still friends. it means a lot to me.

Boy 3. -Kev
I now see what you are all about. THanks for playing me and Gen since September!! Appreciate it. It's also hilarious when you drunk call me and want ass and I don't answer. Get a hint. Also it's hilarious that you like Geri and she's not your type at all. HA. HA.

Boy 4 -Ryan
YOu're probably the hottest guy I've ever met. Seriously. I really don't care that you told the whole baseball team that we were hooking up after we decided that we'd keep this a secret, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't act like you're better than me, because you're really not. You were an asshole Saturday and it really wasn't that cool. Oh but thanks that everyone in the school knows about us and I get the best stares in the cafeteria. Love ya!

Boy 5
I understand that you're stupid, so I won't get that angry. But truth be told, you really don't know what I need. We were better off friends and I knew that from the begining. Why do i still like you even though you treat me like shit?

and as for Boy 6.-Tim
I only met you on Saturday and the truth is you're a jerk. I want you. in my bed

haha that was fun.

i feel a little better. I'm sick of boys. I didn't even get a dick in a box for vday

other points of interest
1. spring break in 1 week...no plans
2. my knee is being gay and hurts a lot all the time
3. college food kills you. aka makes you fat. no icecream till my birthday!
4. my birthday is in less than 2 months!!!

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[31 Jan 2007|01:30am]

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everything's better [14 Jan 2007|10:51pm]
we made up so it's fine
haha sorry i didn't update to let everyone know.
i'm not upset anymore.
no offense, but boys are stupid

girls are too dont get me wrong.

i love the movie forest gump.

6 weeks till spring break
then after that it's one more month of school till easter break/my birfday
then after that's it's one more month till finals/summer!

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FUCK [02 Jan 2007|09:01am]
it's 3:50 in the morning and i'm typing a journal entry.
gahhh i'm so upset right now.
i need to stop using this to vent frustration.
this break has been sooo incredible except for the last hour.
wtf. i've never technically been dumped before so this really sucks. i mean technically me and cjh weren't dating but we've been whatever since like july
obvi we both hook up with other people, but recently i just got attached and he was like jk girl back at school that i like, i can't do this anymore.

it sucks when you feel worthless. well not worthless, just less than someone else. like someone is better than you. who the fuck is this girl that he likes more than me rigt now? wtf. she prolly lives in like canada. GAY i live 4 min from his house and she lives in alaska. cool.
distance during the school year sucks really.
and it also sucks that i'm listening to the song "i'm burning for you"
gahhh i haven't cried for a while
well i dont know i'll be better tomorrow. i just i dont know.. i hate getting attached and then this. whatever i half fucked up.it's only half fucked up because it was only half my fault. he says he believes and he says he's sorry about this but i dont know if i can believe him right now.
he doesn't tell me anything to begin with which is why i think i got myself in this mess in the first place.

other than this incident
i think i've been drunk more than i've been sober. : )

sorry ican't talk about break anymore...big knot in my stomach

cheer me up pleassee. ineed a good friend. luckily i have good ones. and none of them will abandon me. because i really don't need that again.

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your mom [14 Dec 2006|03:37am]
dude i'm survey happy.
i am home for break. laurel says that i'm a bitch from reading my entries. hahahahaha I AM. <33

Single or Taken: singggleee
Siblings: hoeyy
Eye color: browneyedgirll
shoe size: n/a aka big
Height: 5'10'' and 1/2
What are you wearing right now?: green tank top, jean skirt, leggings, socks, bra
Righty or lefty: lefty
Can you make a dollar in change right now: actually i can

Kind of pants: ever since i've been to college..sweatpants
Number: 11, 14, shfifty five
Animal: giraffes, kittys, ligers
Drink: beer. and water. hahaha.
Sport: volleyball.
Month: september
Juice: grape
Have You Ever...
Given anyone a bath: yes i babysit a lot
Bungee Jumped?: negative
Made yourself throw-up?: EW NO
Eaten a dog?: WTF no
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yes...but i've never been in love
Broken a bone?: nope.
Played truth or dare?: dude i was in 7th grade once
Been on a plane?: yes!
Came close to dying?: poss
Been in a sauna?: keswick!
been in a hotub?: holla
Swam in the ocean?: MY FAV PLACE
Fallen asleep in school?: who hasnt
Ran away?: wanted to
Broken someone's heart? i hope not!
Cried when someone died?: yes.
Cried in school?: yes.
Fell off your chair?: in my highschool library theres rolly chairs and one time i was rolling over to someone computer and wiped out
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? yes, someone that used to be my good friend. won't wait by the phone ever again
Saved IM conversations?:haha yeah i just printed one out last night actually
Saved e-mails?: yeh a lot of them
Been cheated on?: i hope not!
What is...
Your good luck charm?: i don't really have one.
What is beside you?: my phone, some water, and my purse
Last thing you ate?: bagel
What kind of shampoo/conditioner: pantene holla
Ever Had..
Chicken pox: si when i was like 4
Sore Throat: mhmm
Stitches: noope.
Broken nose: no.
Do You...
Believe in love at first sight? es posible
believe in long distant relationships? yyeah but they are hard.
Like school? not gwynedd
Who was the last person that called you? jess rufe
Who was the last person you slow danced with? colin in my room haha
Who makes you smile the most?all of my friends!
Who knows you the best? kelly, lj, jess, tigs, meggill, chrissy, sammy jo, odlen
Do you like filling these out: only when i'm procratinating or doing nothing at all
Do you have glasses or contact lenses? both
Do you like yourself: mostof the time
Do you get along with your family?: for the most part yes, me and my mommy fight sometimes
Are You...
Obsessive Compulsive? a little
Final Questions:
What did you do yesterday:woke up at 10, history final at 1130,ate lunch with lee McInerny who i am going to marry, played vball with jess!, studied for calculus basically the whole night
Gotten any awards? the greatest person alive award and vball awards
What car/truck do you wish to have?:just a better one. mine's like a grandma car.
Where do you want to get married? outside somewhere
Good driver? i'm from jersey aka no
Have a lava lamp?: negative
how many remote controls are in your house? 14,762
When you last showered? over 24 hours ago. dude it was finals week it's fine.
Scary or Funny Movies? both!
Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolateeee
Rootbeer or Dr.Pepper? dr. pepper is the bomb diggity!
Skiing or Boarding? both!
Summer or winter? SUMMERRRRRRRRR !!!!
Silver or Gold? eithers fine. it's what's inside that counts...uh..
Sprite or 7up? they are the same thing
Coffee or sweet tea? either!
Phone or in person? in person,
Today did you...
1. Talk to someone you liked: yes! i have 1000 crushes
2. Buy something: yes xmas cards, candycanes
3. Get sick? nope
8. Talked to an ex? negative
9. Miss someone? MHM!
Last person who....
10. Slept in your bed? hoey
11. Saw/heard you cry? not sure
12. Made you cry? living
13. Went to the movies with? dad and hoey
15. Said "I Love You"? papa dukes
16. Ever been in a fight with your pet? haha actually snicks hated me bc i left for school and she like hissed at me a lot but now we're fine
18. Been to Mexico? quiero ir ahora!
19. Been to Canada? neg.
10. Been to Europe? not
21. Do you have a crush on someone right now: yeah like 100 people
22. What book are you reading now? none! i just finished this semester so now i can do my own reading
23. Best feeling in the world? kissing someone you admire
24. Future KIDS names? billie, charlie-girls charles- boy
25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yes!
26. What's under your bed? atschool, clothes and shoes at home, alcohol
27. Favorite sports to watch? football, volleyball, college basketball, baseball
28. Favorite Locations? beach, my bed, a party
29. Piercing/Tattoos? 2 earings in each ear and then my cartilege on my left ear
30. What are you most scared of right now? that i won't ever fall in love
32. Do you have a job? nooo i need one
33. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?haha yeah
34. Are you lonely right now? mhm!
38. Song that's stuck in your head right now? gravedigger- dmb
39. Have you ever played strip poker? yes! haha and strip kings and karens
40. Have you ever been beaten up? negative
42. Have you ever been on radio/TV? yes, cn8!
44. Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? many a time
what color is your underwear right now? hahahahaha underwear?
Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex? height, face, hair
Your Favorite Food? pizzzza
Ever get so drunk you dont remember the night before? si
Hair color? dirty blonde
Are you too shy to ask someone out? not when i'm drunk
Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? butter and salt.
Dogs or cats? catssss
Favorite Flower? roses.
Have you ever fired a gun? negative
Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car? car...more personal
How many pillows do you sleep with? 3
Who are you missing right now? everyone that's not home from school right now

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[11 Dec 2006|12:05am]
well i should be studying but of course i'm not!
3 more days and then i'm done!!!!!!! SO EXCITED SO EXCITED!
friday night i didn't do anything because i went home and basically i just slept.
saturday i went shopping and then went backto school and took care of a riend with alc poisoning.
then i went to go see billllllllllllllllllll!!! and we played nintendo wii and it was SO MUCH FUN. and i beat bill in bowling when i was drunk. but he beat me in tennis so it's even.
today i slept, watched football, and ate. i'm aweomse.

so here's a survey about my dorm room

Condoms: yeahhh
Cell phone: yeah
Chair/stool: death chair
Book shelf: negative
Dresser: kind of?
Computer/laptop: lappy
Bean bag: no but nick has one!!
pictures:por supuesto!
Mirror: yeah 2 mirrors. one is not hung up still. did anyone notice that boys dont own mirrors in college?
Skateboard: nope
wakeboard: yeah because i got to school in florida not!
Smoke detector: si, even though i still burn candles
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: negative. unless you count my makeshift drums or my airguitar.
Locking door: yup.
Bottle of water: nope, my roommate DRANK THEM ALL!!!
Blacklight: neg
medals/ribbons: hahaha what is this 4th grade?
Awards: no, but i have albys autograph
CDs: a few
Flag: ni
Stop sign/any sign: nog
Paintball/Airsoft gun: hoey just asked me to buy him one and i said no
Real Gun: yeahhh i got my glock
Cigarettes: nish
Pot: nash
Any drug: a few
Alcohol: 0 : )
Books: no i burned them
Nintendo: WII!!! jk i wish
Xbox: no i' ma girl
Stereo: nah
Television: yes my roommate is ALWAYS watching it
Lighter: yes
Gum: poss in my purse

what is the color of your walls?
off white

Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom?
my room/the bathroom

What color is your bed sheet?
baby pink with outlines of brown and red flowers!

How long have you been in that room?
like 15 min... i'm NEVER in here

What's on your walls?
posters, pictures, thermostat, nothing thrilling...

Has the opposite sex been in your room before?
no! never! hahahah of course

has the opposite sex been on your bed?

Anyone other than you ever had sex in your bed?
maybe last year. i'm theo nly one that's allowed to have sex in my bed

Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you?
the only people that have slept in my bed that havent been me was leighanne's sister, leighanne's cousin, and me and nick

Do you like your bedroom:
it's amazing..excpet for my roommate

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[06 Dec 2006|05:49am]
8 more days of hell. that's it!!
then no work for a month!!!!!!!!!!
this weekend was poop because i went home to do homework. iwas gonna go hang out with bill, but i went home and he went to new york anyways. we were gonna play videogames wasted and that would ahve been a good time bc me and bill have this connection of going to shitty ass schools. ha.

i have carpel tunnel in my right hand. cool.

survey from karen. i miss karennnnnn.

THIS YEAR........
1. Have you had any relationships this year?
not significant ones
2. Have you had your birthday?
yes.. i'm legal now.
3. Been to church?
4. Cried yet?
duh! i'm a woman
5. Been on a diet?
kind of?
6. Pulled an all nighter?
chyeah i love collllegee
7. Drank Starbucks?
9. Went camping?
nooo fusion was supposed to but we didn't.
11. Bought something(s)?
yeah i buy a lot of things
12. Met someone special?
13. Been out of state?
california, florida, pa, virginia, d.c.
14. Gone Snowboarding?
15. What are you thinking about?
how stressed out i am about finals

Have you
1.) Hugged someone?
i hugged like 10 people today
2.) Slept in someone elses bed?
of courseee
3.) Drank any alchohol?
once again, i love college.
4.) Loaned out money?
all the time, people don't pay me back either
5.) Gotten in a car accident?
yup 2
6.) Gone over your cell phone bill?
texting i've gone over like a lot of money.
7.) Been called a whale?
probably, but cougar calls me a moose. THANKS A LOT COUGAR
8.) Done something you regret?
9)Last Person you hugged?
megan elizabeth gill

Last Person to call you?
papa dukes
When was the last time you felt stupid?
in calculus
Who was the last person you danced with?
me and danielle and lindsay yesterday to tlc- scrubs
Who did you last yell at?
umm jokingly to geri
What did you do today?
went to the doctor, presented my history project, had a heart to heart with sarah, took a nap, decorated my door, went to the gym, studied wow a lot good job shay!
01. Hometown?
MOorestown! i miss ya<3
02. Natural hair color?
dirty blonde
03. Initials?
04. Hair style?
long, straight, long bangs
05. Eye color:
06. Height:
5 11
07. Pets:
snickers my kitty, and my two fish! bubba and mohawk
08. Mood:
hungry, anxious, and tired
09. Where would you rather be?
on the beach
10. Last thing you drank?
fuze drink...banana colada : )

01. Have you ever been in love:
02. Do you believe in love?
yes! "all you need is love"
03. Why did your LAST relationship fail?
bc of distance
04. Have you ever been heartbroken:
yeahh. it sucks
05. Have you ever broken someone's heart?:
unfortunately yes
06. Have you ever fallen for a friend?
yes! uhhh.. my life story
07. Have you ever loved someone but never told them?
yes, but i'm doing a good job expressing my emotions lately. NOT!
08. Are you afraid of committment?
no anymore
10. Have you had more than 5 different serious relationships in your llife?

01. Are you missing someone right now?
02. Are you happy?
right now? NO generally, yes!
04. Are you eating anything?
i was just eating pretzels
05. Do you like someone right now?
yes. once again i have a crush on every boy

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[30 Nov 2006|01:16am]
I dont know why i feel the need to post a journal entry every time that I'm upset lately but I am now.


1. Calculus
I studied for hours for my calc test and I got a 68. Normally I'd be like eh.. but that's the third bad grade i've gotten in a row and I can't drop the course because it's too late and I'm not a math major and now I"m gonna have to study for hours on end for the final. My dad is already mad that I'm not doing well in the class, but I need to get a B in that class and right now I'm struggling for a C. I've never had this happen before. It's not like i'm a supergenius or anything, my parents are just pretty strict with grades.

2. This history paper.
I am almost done but I can't focus long enough to finish it. I have about two pages left and then i'm done the paper. After that I have to make a stupid ass power point for it. SO DUMB. I just want to go to bed early and finish it tomorrow. But I can't because my roommate has been sleeping all day and now she is awake.

3. My roommate
She has been to like 2 classes this whole week and today she slept from 930am-2pm and is STILL IN BED. STILL. also, the air conditioning is on in the room. wtf it's cold out. Also, she bought these blinking lights that are annoying as shit and get on my nerves A LOT. I asked her not to put them on because they annoy me so much.

4. gwynedd in general.
why did i come here seriously?
i should have just sucked it up and applied to other places that I liked instead of just doing what was easy. Now i have to deal with finals along with applications for other schools. COOL.

i need to just go home for winter break now. exactly 2 weeks I'll home. THANK GOD

I also have a headache and i'm having a bad hair week.
And i haven't played volleyball for like 3 weeks and i'm gonna kill myself if I don't play soon.

despite all of this, I had a GREAT weekend.
k thats all for now.
sorry if you read that
someone make me a cd.

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[16 Nov 2006|06:23am]
I was just looking at a previous entry from like march and noticed my statement that said "Boys confuse me." This is still true. Boys frickin confuse me a lot. Seriously can you just say how you feel. I actually have a problem doing this and when i finally come and and tell someone how i feel it takes a lot of effort so i hate when boys dont take me seriously. but i still love boys.

" i have a crush on eeeeevery boy."-teen girl squad.

I hate girls. i say that i dont but seriously 99% of them are the same. I thought whispering ended in 8th grade. I GUESS NOT.STUPID. grow upppp seriously.

i'm so confused about things right now.
i cant wait for thanksgiving when i can see people at home that i have missed soooooo much.

i hate being sick. people here are getting lame. i mean there are some awesome people but everyone else is boring me.

good thing i have my boyfriend chase utley<3

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[13 Nov 2006|06:01am]
sorry about the last entry. i have been going through a bipolar stage in college. one minute i'm like frickin happy as anything and the next i just want to like die in a hole. luckily theres not manic symptoms in this bipolar disorder. aka I"M NOT CRAZY. so i stole this from karen bc i'm bored and don't do hw anymore

The Most Random Questions You Will Ever Fill Out

1) What side of the heart do you draw first?

2) Can you dive without plugging your nose?
yeah but i dont like to sometimes

3) What color is your razor?
white and blue

4) what is your blood type?
A positive

5) Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
prolly any guy that i have a crush on

6) What is a rumor someone has spread about you?
that i got sick at a party and hooked up with someone.

7) How do you feel about carrots??
i love them.

8) How many chairs at the dining room table?
at my house? 6

9) Which is the best Spice Girl?
dude geri

10) Do you know what time it is?
12:53 am

11) Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince Theme Song?
YES, but not the extended version

12) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
I HATE ELEVATORS. i'd prolly get frikin pissed and use my cellphone

13) What's your favorite kind of gum?
any really

14) T or F: All's fair in love and war.

15) Do you have a crush on anyone?
yes " i have a crush on everrrry boy"-teen girl squad

16) Do you know how to use some words correctly, but not know the meaning?
probably... i can't think of any right now though.

17) Do you like to sleep?
YES i did it alllll day

18) Do you know which US states don't use Daylight Savings Time?
19) Do you know the song Total Eclipse of the Heart?
si por supuesto!

20) Do you want a bright yellow '06 mustang?
i mean for free yes

21) What's something you've always wanted?
for a boy to send me flowers

22) Do you have hairy legs?
probably it's winter shaving is gay

24) Would you rather swim in the ocean/lake or a pool?
oceannnnnn i love the beach

25) Do you wear a lot of black?
only my sweatpants and a few shirts

26) Describe your hair.
dirty blonde, long, thick, and needs a cut and long bangs

27) Do you have Entomophobia?
i'm looking this up.
yes, i hate insects
thanks for looking it up karen

28) Are you an adult?
yes and no at the same time

29) Where is/are your best friend(s)?
i have so many theo only one i saw today was meg

30) Do you have a tan?
helllll no

31) Are you a television addict?
used to be

32) Do you enjoy spending time with your mother?
ehhh sometimes she's a little crazy

33) Are you a sugar freak?

34) Do you like orange juice?
with pulp.

35) What sign are you?

36) Where do you wish you were right now?
either with someone special or with my bffers

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[08 Nov 2006|04:36am]
People are generally selfcentered and only care about themselves.
It really pisses me off A LOT.

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[02 Nov 2006|02:05am]
hiiiiiii. maybe you think that because i never update anymore i have forgotten my livejournal. but i havent. i just like facebook a lot. and i actually have a life, unlike my roommate who lays in bed all day long, eats all my food, and steals my clothes. WTF
yeah so i feel for those who have sucky roommates. it doesn't sound so bad but sometimes i want privacy and it's basically impossible.

so lately my life has been volleyball (which i can't wait for it to be over) !!!!!!!! haha we have a game tomorrow and we'll probably win, and then lose on saturday. i'm not being pessimistic it's just that the team we're playing on saturday hasn't lost a game in our conference for 9 years. NOT A SINGLE GAME. and the way that we've been practicing lately doesn't look too good for us. i could care less to be honest and i know that it soudns bitchy but it's the truth.
the girls on my team are immature and it's ridiculous. how old are you seriously. act it.

soooo nick and jesse are coming to gwynedd this weekend and i'm p-u-m-p-e-d!!!

i realized that i need to settle down. you would think that i like the random hookups but it's getting old. it's just difficult to find someone who is boyfriend worthy or for me to actually be 100% ready to settle down because i secretly do like the random hookups.

so if there are any takers let me know. : )

i am so different than i was last year and even the year before. my values and morals have considerably changed for the better i think.

k now i'm going to shower and find my wife, meg gill.


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[09 Oct 2006|02:36am]
i probably should do my english homework and then shower and go to sleep but most likely i'll procrastinate, then attempt english homework, then talk to people on my floor, then go to bed early and do it in the morning, and shower in the morning.

highlights of life

-i just came from home and meg gill came home with me. she is from gwynedd and is awesome.
-i saw santaclaus today in kelly's neighborhood
- i saw sammy and colin this weekend<333
- i saw the movie grandma's boy (which is hilarious)
- doug came over and brought the shelby cobra (it is HOT)
-i slept in my own bed
-my volleyball team is now 12-5 and 5-1 in our conference
-gwynedd sucks but the people here are sweet as hell

now this.

car: oldsmobile
funeral: aunt rosie
pet: hammy the hampster
piercing/tattoo: ears at age 12
true love: never been in love
enemy: no idea
big trip: florida

cigarette: this summer yuckkk
car ride: just now from my house
good cry: a while ago ( I'm due)
movie seen: grandma's boy
beverage drank: diet iced team
food consumed: fruit and awesome dip
crush: everyone ever
phone call: dad
showered: last night
shoes worn: flipflops
item bought: icecream and wawa coffee
time wanting to die: i dont know

clothes: shirt and gauchos
music: saves the day-take our cars now
make up: just mascara and eyeliner
smell: lucky perfume
color of toe nails: pale blue

what kind of shampoo do you use: panteeeeene prov
what are you most scared of: getting hurt (physically or mentally)
what are you listening to right now: will and grace
where do you want to get married: outside

color: green
food: pizza
sports to watch: football, baseball, hockey, volleyball, and basketball
perfume: cacherell-passion

::have you ever::
given anyone a bath: yes i've babysat many a time
bungee jumped: helllll no
made yourself throw up:yehhh
skinny dipped: hells yes
been in love: no
made yourself cry to get out of trouble:yup
lied: no! never!
fallen for your best friend: YES
been rejected: si
rejected someone: yessssssssssss haha recently
done something you regret: many a time

::last person you::
you touched: hug from garrett
kissed: momma dukes
hugged: garrett

::are you::
understanding: very
open minded: yessssss
arrogant: no
insecure: yes
interesting: yahs
hungry: not right now but usually
smart: i guess so
shy: hell no
attractive: yeh i'm a dime piece
bored easily: YES
responsible: most of the time
obsessed: with boys
angry: depends on what time of the month it is
sad: lately : /
disappointed: yeh
hyper: heck yes
talkative: holla

::this or that::
coke or pepsi: def pepsi
flowers or candy: flowers
tall or short: TALL def

in the morning i am: quiet and would hope that nobody would make noise
all i need is: love
love is: unrequited right now
i dream about:something greater than this
last person who you danced with: meg gill in the car
who makes you laugh the most: lately, nick gannon and chrissy longbottom
who makes you smile: everyone that isn't getting on my nerves
who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: hmmm

of times i've had my heart broken: 2x
of times i've been in love: zero
of hearts i've broken:not sure...
of guys i've kissed: uhhhhh i stopped keeping track
of continents i have lived on: uno
of tight friends: 6, 1 bffffffae

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[30 Aug 2006|11:44pm]
gahhh i miss home sooo much.
i am making friends here but I just miss people that know and understand me. everyone

I miss...
momma dukes and papa dukes

and everyone else so much. SLDKFme;lrmb;aSDOMBE

vball is fun i guess. the workouts r easy. we had a bunch of scrimmages on sunday and went 6-2 with our backup setter. i start and i'm really happy with that. our regular setter got hurt.

i'm already sort of in a clique here. i guess it's fine with me bc i really like the girls. let's see what else.
the food is okay nothing amazing.
boys don't exist here. literally there's like 6. everyone is a nurse haha. my dorm is INCREDIBLE. airconditioned and awesomeee.
i can't wait for football to start<333
and actual vball games.
and visitors
so come visit me.
i want a boyfriend. it's not that i'm tired of hooking up with random people, it's just that EVERY guy here has a girlfriend already and i'm starting to get jealous.

aiggght that's all

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[14 Aug 2006|12:47pm]
i'm still so happy and i don't see why i have to update because my happiness hasn't changed since the last entry.

Seriously the only time i cried this past month is when i was watching hardball. the kid dies in the end it's so sad.

butyes. i leave for college on friday and i havne't started packing yet.
and i feel a lot of things about school.


a lot.
and as far as vball? i'm just nervous. that's all. i mean ik now the workouts aren't going to be horrible but i just haven't really played a lot of indoor vball this summer. just outdoor.

i am updating on this new laptop and i love it.
i miss molly already and it's only been like 2days sicne she went to dc.
kelly is in boston and i miss her too
sara is in nyc
jess is way far away
chrissy is at school
odlen is in vegas

at least laurel and ash and colin and tom are here.


this is all.

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[01 Aug 2006|12:20am]
Life is an A+ right now and it hasn't been this good for a while.
I mean it's been good, but not THIS good.

I'm afriad i'm going to lose this high before I go to school with something that sucks.

July was awesome and I hope that August is equally is good.
I just realized that I'm going to miss my gma's birthday celebration at the end of the sumemr for the first time in my life and that sucks bc I love family events especially if they involve food and the beach.

New favorite person: Molly Castellano.
New favorite quote: "I could eat"
New favorite moment: A lot to count

i better see odlen before summer's over.

Life's goooooooooood.
except, i need to make some executive decisions pretty soon.

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[22 Jul 2006|12:49pm]
Last weekend was probably the best weekend of the summer so far.

I went up to Pennstate with my cousin Ali, and Laura's(my other cousin) friends Mike, Andrew, and Anthony (Roman). The car ride was long and stupid but we listened to my ipod and i got to know the fellas since i only had met Mike once.

I didn't get to see my vball girls when I was up there but the frats and the fun made up for the loss of vball. Laura's bf Jim and his roommate Tucker came from Syracuse and we also hung out with Laura's friends Gina and Mer whom I love very much.

The first night was awesome with 3 frats and meeting a different Mike. I also love Laura's friends Aileen and Sam. Roman was probably the worst bed sharer ever since he kept waking me up from violent movements on an airmattress.

The next day we walked around forever until we got food and then basically laid around all day watching tv and playing pool and "group pooping." If you haven't eaten the food at PSU then it makes you poop a lot. Also me, Ali, and Andrew walked around the Art fest. The Panera at PSU gives you sandwhiches about 3x the size of the ones at home, so that was good.

Finally later we called my cousin Tony and he hooked things up
We played with Gina's computer which talks when you type anything in there so of course we typed immature words like PENIS. the best was when you typed gibberish liek S:DLkm:LESRMk;lk. hahahaha
we also sang "Mariah Carrey- ALways be my baby" about 1000 times.

Then later, me, ali, and andrew walked around PSU and me and andrew became BFFAE. <333333 we came up with a word for policeman which was van dam and we had to say it a lot since there were many a cop up there.

we went to some kids apartment and there were a lot of people from saint joes. then we went to find this other place and probably walked around for a good 1.5 hours until i found it. mike was being a douche so me ali and andrew left. i didn't have to share a bed with roman again so that was good.

finally the next morning we left at 8:30 and i finally saw someone that i knew. luke vizzi was randomly outside of the dorm.

the car ride home was okay since we listened to my ipod again and of course rap music. yessss

other things i've been doing
-hanging out with kelly every day of my life
-working out
-awaiting college

i hung out with molly last night and basically i love her.

that's all i guess.
i can't find my camera or else i would have pics


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